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My house this month

My house this month snapshot


Those of you who follow my blog on Instagram will already know that throughout November, I did a photo challenge called #myhousethismonth. At the start of the month, you get a list of themes, with one for each day of the month. The idea is that you post a picture based on the theme for any given day. I thought it sounded like fun so I gave it a go, not for a second thinking that I’d keep it up for the whole month.

Now that November is over and I’ve actually completed the challenge, I thought I’d share my photos here. It’s given a sneak peek of a few projects I’ve taken on in the house but haven’t blogged about yet. It also motivated me to get some projects finished so that I’d have something to post for a certain theme!

Read on to see the 30 pictures from 30 days.

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