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My house this month

My house this month snapshot


Those of you who follow my blog on Instagram will already know that throughout November, I did a photo challenge called #myhousethismonth. At the start of the month, you get a list of themes, with one for each day of the month. The idea is that you post a picture based on the theme for any given day. I thought it sounded like fun so I gave it a go, not for a second thinking that I’d keep it up for the whole month.

Now that November is over and I’ve actually completed the challenge, I thought I’d share my photos here. It’s given a sneak peek of a few projects I’ve taken on in the house but haven’t blogged about yet. It also motivated me to get some projects finished so that I’d have something to post for a certain theme!

Read on to see the 30 pictures from 30 days.


Day 1: Share this list

My house in November Day 1


Thought I’d set myself a challenge and get in on my house this month … let’s see how long it lasts! 🙈


Day 2: Colour crush

Day 2 colour crush


Day 2 of my house this month is colour crush so I thought I’d share my pink bar in the dining room.


Day 3: Mirror mirror

Day 3 mirror mirror


Happy Friday! Day 3 is mirror mirror so here’s a sneak peek of my bathroom feature wall 💕



Day 3 mirror mirror


Is it cheating to post two in a day? 🤔 Here’s a second mirror mirror because I love my living room mirror, which really brightens up the room and was an absolute steal for only 99p from a local seller on eBay!


Day 4: My little haven

Day 4 my little haven


Day 4 is “my little haven” so it’s got to be my favourite place… my bed!

I’ve made it a cosy place to chill out by hanging a canopy, dream catcher and suspended lanterns.

It’s worlds away from how it looked a few months ago! Fun fact: When I viewed the house, the estate agent opened the door to my now bedroom and when the smell came out and hit her she ran down the stairs, out the front door and puked in the street! 🙊


Day 5: Glow/sparkle

Day 5 Glow/sparkle


Day 5’s theme is “glow/sparkle” so it’s as good a time as any to share the gorgeous elephant fairy lights that frame my living room fireplace. I love them, they’re so pretty and were a bargain from Primark.


Day 6: Metallic Monday

Day 6 Metallic Monday


Day 6 is Metallic Monday so another opportunity for me to share my candles and trinkets on my mantelpiece. I love the contrast of gold against my rich navy chimney breast


Day 7: Reading

Day 7 Reading


Day 7 is reading so here’s my pink bookcase in the dining room, filled with cookbooks 😊


Day 8: Starts with  a “B”

Day 8 starts with a b dog bed


Bit late to the party with today’s my house this month but I’ve managed a week so far so I need to keep it going!
Day 8’s theme is “starts with a B”, so I’m going with bed… Ted’s bed to be precise. And he’s looking very proud in it!


Day 9: Scent

Day 9 scent bath bubbles and bath bombs


Day 9 is scent so thought I’d share a picture of my bath bubbles and bath bombs. I love little more than a bath and a glass of wine… especially now the evenings are drawing in.

The pink bubble bath is in a whiskey decanter that I bought from a charity shop for £2 and I love it! The jar is filled with the most amazing smelling lush bath bombs and bubble bars courtesy of my my amazing boyfriend!


Day 10: Great find

Day 10 great find gold metallic side table


Day 10 (woohoo, double figures!) is “great find” and I’ve managed to put down my glass of wine for long enough to take a photo for my house this month.

It’s got to be this gorgeous gold side table that I picked up on an impromptu lunchtime shopping trip to TK Maxx a couple of weeks ago. It’s perfect for my grey living room, which I’ve given a lift with gold and pink accent colours. Photo nicely photobombed by nosy Ted 😂


Day 11: Special memory

Day 11 Special Memory my first sold sign


Special memory has got to be me with my first sold sign earlier this year. It took months of heartbreak, thinking it was never going to happen so it was the best feeling ever when it finally completed and I got my keys. At this point the house was the dirtiest, smelliest thing I had ever seen and the first few weeks were spent bleaching everything in sight!


Day 12: Where we eat

Day 12 Where we eat round white dining table pink dresser


Day 12 (can’t believe I’ve kept this up for almost 2 weeks!) is “where we eat” so I’m sharing a photo of my recently upcycled dining table and chairs. The table was another of my £10 eBay finds and a bit of chalk paint has given it a whole new lease of life!


Day 13: Lamp

Day 13 lamp gold ikea star lamp


Hope everyone’s Monday hasn’t been too Monday-ish! Day 13 of My House this Month is lamp and because I’m getting in a Christmas mood after hearing Fairytale of New York on the radio today, I’m sharing my gold star-shaped lamp in my living room. Strictly speaking, it’s a Christmas decoration, but I think it’s too pretty to put away for 11 months of the year. Plus it was a bargain because I bought it in the January sale!


Day 14: From above/flatlay

Day 14 From above/flatlay bedroom

Day 14 (woohoo, 2 weeks!) is overhead/flatlay and my bed was the closest thing I could stand on to take a pic… so here’s my bedroom from up high


Day 15: Boogie nights

Day 15 boogie nights pink home bar


Day 15 of My House this Month is “boogie nights” … another shot of my home bar, where all good nights start (and end with a nightcap)!
Make mine a g&t! 🙋🏼


Day 16: Living room

Day 16 living room

Day 16 is “living room”. Here’s an annoyingly blurry picture of mine, featuring grey and navy with gold and pink accents


Day 17: Wood

Day 17 wood tv cabinet


Yay, it’s Friday! 🙃
Day 17 is wood so I thought I’d share one of my many eBay bargains… my tv cabinet that looks like a chest of drawers but is really a telly cabinet that hides my tv away when it’s not in use.


Day 18: Animal

Day 18 animal dog bed in fireplace


Day 18 is animal so it’s the perfect time to share Ted’s new fireplace dog bed in the dining room! Instructions on how to make your own will be on the blog as soon as I get a chance to update it.


Day 19: Duvet days

Day 19 duvet days kindle and cup of tea

There’s nothing better than a cup of tea in bed when you haven’t had to make it yourself!


Day 20: Monochrome

Day 20 Monochrome Que sera sera prints

I actually have very little monochrome in the house because apparently I’m a massive lover of colour. But I do have these two prints that I made in honour of Doris Day, one of my idols and a complete boss lady.


Day 21: Winter warmer

Day 21 winter warmer gif bath bomb

Is there a better way of relaxing after a hectic day than having a nice hot bath with a Lush bath bomb and a well earned glass of wine?


Day 22: Pillows/cushions

Day 22 pillows/cushions cat cushion

I love my cat cushion, which was on sale at Asda last year. The super fluffy one is from Matalan.


Day 23: Window dressing

Day 23 window dressing bedroom window

It’s got to be my bedroom window because (1) it’s one of the only windows in the house I’ve got around to doing anything with yet and (2) I already had a picture of it

Yes, it’s featuring the Que Sera Sera print again, but I took this picture before deciding that the prints should live in the dining room

I frosted the window with frosting spray, hung an Ikea blackout blind and spray painted the original ugly curtain pole white to hang some Ikea net curtains to soften the look of the window


Day 24: Shopping list

Day 24 shopping list


I’m a little late with day 25, which was Shopping List 🙈

My shopping list goes on the memo board on the back of my front door so I never forget it on my way out.


Day 25: Botanical

Day 25 botanical bathroom plants

I’ve brightened my bathroom up with a few houseplants. After some research into which plants would thrive in a humid bathroom with little light, I settled on a spider plant, fern and ivy.


Day 26: Through the door

Day 26 through the door blue front door


Admittedly this is less through the door, more just a picture of my front door, but it kind of meets the brief!

When I first bought the house I had Everest around to quote me for a new front door and they quoted over £2k! So instead I painted the door, added new knobs, a letterbox and knocker and frosted the house number onto the glass above the door, all for about £100! Swipe for before and after

All the steps are on my blog, if you’re interested


Day 27: Gallery wall

Day 27 gallery wall Gil Elvgren pinups


They’re not on the wall yet, but here’s a selection of the beautiful Gil Elvgren pinup prints that I’ve bought for the landing. I’ve bought the frames too but I’m not allowing myself to put them up until I’ve painted the stairs and landing. I absolutely adore them, they’re so beautiful!


Day 28: Crockery/cutlery

Day 28 crockery cutlery sketch


Here’s a sketch I did for my mum for Christmas a couple of years ago. Its now got pride of place in her kitchen!


Day 29: Christmas plans

Day 29 Christmas plans box of Christmas decorations


Two more sleeps until I can open this bad boy and decorate for my first Christmas in the house 👏🏻


Day 30: And relax…

Day 20 and relax bath candles wine

I booked today off work but haven’t stopped moving all day

✔️ Skirting board bought for the back bedroom
✔️ Christmas garland and wreath bought
✔️ Big dog walk done
✔️ Garden cleaned up
✔️ Chicken coop and rat cage cleaned out
✔️ Christmas tree bought, ready to go up tomorrow!!! 🎄

Now it’s time for a well earned bath and glass of wine!


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