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How to Turn an Alcove into a Shoe Wardrobe

Alcove show wardrobe before and after


If you have an alcove in your bedroom, why not turn it into a makeshift shoe wardrobe/shoe storage space? My bedroom has a small alcove that was going to waste. It was hidden away in the corner and was too small to fit any of my furniture so I decided to turn it into a much needed shoe wardrobe. It was surprisingly cheap and easy to set up and is perfect for keeping my shoes organised so that when I’m rushing in the morning, I can find exactly what I’m looking for.

I bought everything I needed in one quick trip to Argos: a folding door (£13.99) and a shoe rack (£29.99).

Fitting the Folding Door

The folding door comes with really simple to follow instructions. It’s as simple as fitting the frame to the door frame (you can screw this straight into the wood, with no need to drill anything) and sliding the door clips into the frame. The only tiny hassle is trimming the frame down to the correct size, but it’s made of plastic and easily cut with a mini hacksaw (mine cost about £1 so there’s no need to spend a load of money on one).


The frame that the folding door slides into
The frame that the folding door slides into


The door length can be trimmed to size if needed but I didn’t need to do this because if anything, it was slightly too short for my door frame. The only quibble that I had with the folding door is that it was missing a part: the bit that stops the door from sliding off the frame. I couldn’t be bothered to go all the way back to Argos so I just made a makeshift version with a screw: a slightly uglier alternative. It was a slight pain but for £13.99 for the door, I guess you get what you pay for.

Once it’s fitted, the door slides easily from open to shut.


Assembling the Shoe Rack

The shoe rack was even simpler to put together. It comes in quite a few parts that simply slot and screw together. There really is nothing to it. The shoe rack that I bought isn’t the prettiest: it’s stainless steel on little plastic wheels, but it’s the perfect size for the alcove I was trying to fill and with 10 rows, fits more shoes than any similarly priced shoe racks than I could find. I was tempted to spray paint it to make it less… well, stainless steel, but decided that there’s no real need since it’s behind the folding door.

This was one of the easiest tasks I’ve taken on in the house so far. It only took about an hour to get both the door and the shoe rack set up and it’s great to make use of the wasted space.


Alcove shoe storage: after
Alcove shoe storage: after


Price: <£50

Difficulty: 2/10

What I’d do differently: Check that I had all the parts before getting home!


Shoe alcove storage before and after

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